Series of work: Unbreakable, 2012.

Between the cylinders, 2012./plastic, metal, rubber, motor, battery, eggs/100x57x47cm

Under the hammer, 2012./motor, battery, metal, wood, egg/70x47x37cm

On the wire, 2012./metal, egg/5500x5x4cm

Under the rock, 2012./rock, metal, egg/127x47x37cm

Below peak, 2012./egg, metal/135x4x4 cm

Viewed from the perspective of mythology egg means lifeand life is energy. According to the law of conservation energy it is indestructible. So if energy is indestructible, life is indestructible too, which leads to the assumption that the egg is indestructible tooor in this case apparently resistant to the forces of gravity, impact, unbreakable.

Photos by Domagoj Gracan