Series of work: Suns
Sun 1, 2016.
plastic, paint
1x10x10 cm

Sun 2, 2016.
6x5x5 cm

Sun 4, 2016.
plastic, paper
23x14x14 cm

Suns, 2016.
paper, cardboard
various dimensions

From the catalogue “Artificial nature”, Daniel Zec, Musem of Fine Art, Osijek, Croatia

The installation Suns consists of a spatial distribution of symbolic representations of the planet of the Sun: flat, two-dimensional objects attached to the wall (as a two-dimensional sculpture, not a painting), and ready-made objects placed on pedestals in front. The ingenuity of minimal intervention in a plain non-art object and the interactivity of the latter (the object Winding Sun) contain a reference to the artist’s previous works of ludic discourse (From the Drawers, 2009), the function of which is to analyze the behavior, communication, and interaction of the audience with a work of art – the witty, humorous or absurd aesthetics of which rely on the starting of the mechanical or electronic device incorporated in the work –examining the way of providing pleasure and entertainment to the person participating in the interaction.

Photos by Marin Topic