Series of work: Pressure (in collaboration with Josipa Stojanovic)

Ideal, 2019.

shopping cart, pilates ball

110x100x60 cm

We interpret the portrayal of a woman who cares for the family and keeps her outward appearance through a ready-made, pilates ball that is in the shopping cart. The ball is pushed into the trolley to such an extent that it completely fills the gap of the trolley and goes over the edges of the trolley. The objects exert pressure on each other.

Pressure relief, 2019.



The video shows a person in an awkward position and refraining from gas. It secretly releases pressure. Sometimes, the only thing that can get rid of people negatively is gas. Other problems remain unsolved.

Pressing the pressure bottle, 2019.

gas container bottle

(35x35x30 cm) x3

The gas bottle is pressurized. After it is emptied, we put it under a metal press and thus completely release it from the pressure i.e. its function.

Assemble before use, 2019.

30x60x10 cm

A disassembled umbrella was neatly placed on a surface. The title of the work alludes to a situation in which a person is often unprepared. Assembling an umbrella is not possible, which is not desirable in situations where it starts to which creates pressure for individuals.

Fire extinguisher vs. Fire, 2019.

60x21x21 cm

The fire extinguisher extinguishes the fire. In this case it is the opposite situation. The fire extinguisher is under pressure from the fire and therefore we made a fire extinguisher with a bottom that has been melted.