Human- Animal, 2016.


mixed media, video loop
Woods: video, 30'21''
Head: 23x27x41 cm

From the catalogue “Artificial nature”, Daniel Zec, Museum of Fine Art, Osijek, Croatia
Human/Animal (reduced to a motif of a head) is a robotic metamorph, a human-animal hybrid animated by an electronic mechanism that causes movement, making it alive, so to speak. The artist directs the look of this artificial “creature” towards the wall on which a video with a forest motif is being projected. The eyes, which are being raised and lowered by a mechanism hidden under the epidermis of a rubber ready-made mask, are the only movable part of the sculpture. The use of simple lighting effects in the surrounding where the installation is set brings expression and a dramatic atmosphere. Like a scene on a stage, in a darkened room, the light is reduced to one spotlight, pointing at The Head, set in the middle of the room. The artist with this work attempts to mimic reality-nature, thus creating another reality – the artificial one. Taking into account the fact that a video projection, by its nature, is only a moving image – and by its content a virtual reality produced by an electronic device and thus a product of inanimate nature in which it is impossible to physically enter – in such a Tantalus position, our metamorph faces an elusive act, so his craving for nature – the nature which is a mimesis in itself – becomes absurd. The very sculpture of a metaphorical figure of an anthropomorphic animal (a fantastic creature according to surrealist poetic form, depicted in the same way as the real world of nature in mimetic art) is also a mimetic product. The resulting dual artificial situation, as it is set by the artist, is a symbol of irreversible technological progress, and the concept of mimesis serves as a way of recognizing the mutual conditionality of nature and technology (electronics) that permeates every aspect of modern life.

Photos by Marin Topic