Series of work: From the Drawers, 2009.

A contempt of a stab a great white shark, 2009.
magnifying glass, pencil, globe, colored thumb tack
19x17x10 cm

Army on the unexplored territory, 2009.
paper, ballpoint pens
13x12x10 cm

Beardmaker, 2009.
ballpoint pens
11x10x10 cm

Erase bip, 2009.
eraser, paper, clock mechanism
9x9x5 cm

Hommage Rebecca Horn, 2009.
safety gogles, colored pencils
30x30x6 cm

Shell, 2009.
paper drill, plastic sphere
10x8x8 cm

The war, 2009.
bulliten boards, colored tumb tacks
2x(39,5x29,5x3,5) cm

Prompted by a creative desire, I opened the drawer and found forgotten things that had long ago lost their use and purpose, and made of them a group of objects with a new use. With a spontaneous approach, each of these works came into being with the universal principle of action and reaction. Since each of these objects is only action with my associative reaction, they become a different additional re-examination in the form of the ready-made. Negating the real nature of their use and starting out from memory, the wish to create the invention, the problems of the relations and obligation and fun, through the reconsideration of human destructiveness, I obtained a short opus that with its realization confirms the nostalgia for childhood and the romantic infantilism of each of us.