Series of works: Attributes, 2010.

Damien Hirst’s sheep, 2010._2x (11x7x3) cm_bronze

Tom Friedman’s soap, 2010._8x6x2 cm_bronze

Tara Donovan’s straw, 2010._20xØ0,5 cm_bronze

Rachel Whitread’s ears, 2010._2x (6x4x2) cm_bronze

Lucio Fontana’s scalpel, 2010._12,5×1,5×1 cm_bronze

Carl Andre’s tile, 2010._20x20x0,5 cm_bronze

As the attributes of the saints in Christian iconology, my selectively chosen specificity of individual artists, their tools, way of working or elements of their work make a homage of documentary and sacred character.

Photos by Domagoj Gracan