Series of work: Animals, 2016.


Animals, 2016.
mixed media
variable dimensions

Spider, 2016.
mixed media
35x28x22 cm

Cockroaches under the magnifying glasses, 2016.
mixed media
12x17x9 cm

Test tubes, 2016.
mixed media
20x17x3 cm

Flies, 2016.
mixed media
15x9x9 cm

Worms, 2016.
mixed media
1x10x10 cm

From the catalogue “Artificial nature”, Daniel Zec, Museum of Fine Art, Osijek, Croatia

"(…) In the installations Plants and Animals the artist’s exploration of the concept of mimesis is perhaps most evident. The installation Animals consists of two series of objects – the ones framed and mounted on the wall, and the free-standing ones. Contrary to the first association of the term “animal”, the zoological specimens presented by the author are surprisingly – insects, spiders, crab, scorpion. Like a collection of natural history specimens – herbarium specimens or samples from an entomological collection – the framed clips of “nature” are artificially created realistic three-dimensional imitators of their biological equivalents-originals (leaf, butterfly, or spider)."
" As building blocks for the installations Plants and Animals ready-made forms are used: plastic animal figurines, minimally changed by being painted black, and plastic plant leaves (the so-called artificial plants). Avoiding illusionism, through the artist’s intervention (by abolishing coloristic properties and “sterilizing” picturesqueness) they undergo transformation into a simple visual unit – they are reduced to a sign, referring to (imitating) morphological and ontological aspects of the object (segment) of nature that it signifies."
" Framed specimens of insects, spiders and a scorpions reduced to monochromatic black, or plant species, have the property of neutrality and impersonality, and by placing them in frames under the glass, their three-dimensionality is being negated as well. The result is purity of display of the installation and visual purity – of the clearly visible artificiality."
" Unframed insect specimens, displayed in the exhibition area, in a witty and humorous way “reinforce” the poetic expression of the artist. (…)"

Photos by Marin Topic